Friday, April 17, 2015

Bleach London: Dip Dye Kit & Washed Up Mermaid

After going to see The Duff on Wednesday night I spontaneously picked up Bleach London's dip dye kit (€9.49) and Washed up Mermaid (€6.69) in Boots. With a belly full of Eddie Rocket's, half falling asleep, my sister and I set about bleaching my hair. It's probably as a result of my constant scrolling through Instagram or maybe I just couldn't resist having a hair color named after mermaids. The Dip Dye Kit was so easy to follow, so there's really nothing I can add that isn't well explained. I left my bleach on for 45 minutes (which is the maximum) as it's medium brown. My favorite thing about the kit was the blending lotion that makes the bleaching look much more natural by avoiding a straight line like you dipped your hair in a bucket of bleach. The ombre effect the kit gave was pretty enough by itself but my main reason for trying it was the color so after we washed out the bleach in went the hair color, The hair color is non-permanent and lasts 2-10 washes so don't hesitate and go for any color you like there's an amazing selection and it's ridiculously easy to do. The color just involves rubbing the cream into towel dried hair and then rinsing with water, that's it!! Next up I will be trying out the violet. If you want the Kylie Jenner vibe go for the green, if your after Hilary Duff's new look do your whole head in Washed Up Mermaid. If Chloe Norgaard is your girl try every color they sell!. It's so much fun, easy to do and such a change for less than €20 I couldn't be happier with it. The perfect Wednesday night entertainment. 

Have you tried any of Bleach London's products?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Walk In The Woods

Obligatory cute puppy outfit picture

Having a four day weekend for Easter was amazing. I filled my days with lie ins and copious amounts of chocolate.  I was spoiled with Easter eggs this year, white and milk chocolate, Lindt and Lily O'Briens, even my 90 year old Grandad gets me one every year despite me being in my 20s. It wasn't all laziness though, I also managed to built a picnic table and make a dream catcher, so productive! After wasting away hours on instagram I got the serious want for a dream catcher, so instead of splashing cash on one I just made my own, although it was surprisingly difficult I have to admit. My favorite part of visiting home at weekends is spending time with my family and with the extra two days off there was plenty of time to do just that. We ate ribs and drank tea outdoors in the sun, watched films while scoffing nachos and went on a long relaxing walk in the woods. No walk is complete without my sister's adorable chihuahua who was turning all the girl doggies heads naturally.

What did you get up to for Easter?

Friday, April 3, 2015

Lounge wear

Leggings-Jack Wills

It's probably not the done thing to do blog posts of the kind of clothes you wear when you are at your laziest, chilling out at home. It's a bit more popular to post well styled, beautiful finds in exciting locations, but my favorite thing about blogs is how real they can be. It's a glimpse of someone else's life. Lately I've been spending hours on instagram looking at less glossy fashion pictures and instead being inspired by adventitious outdoorsy types, traveling the world and capturing the amazing things they see. My favorite instagram accounts are of people exploring forests, camping, hiking, authentic beautiful images. So while this post is not in some exciting location while I explore the wilderness, it is an authentic snapshot of my life when I'm at home with my family relaxing. I don't pick leather leggings and statement necklaces (though I do love them), I gravitate towards soft comfortable fabrics, throwing my hair out of my face to read a great book or go walking the dog. I've been thinking of finding my niche in blogging, something that I struggle with as I have such a diverse range of interests and tastes. There seems to be great emphasis on finding a niche or a theme to be successful in blogging, but I don't seem to be able to commit to just fashion, or beauty or travel. Maybe my niche is just documenting my life honestly, whatever kind of outfit I'm wearing or what I'm doing if I feel like blogging it then I will. Fashion is something I've always loved, but far more than that I love nature, the outdoors and exploring. This blog is to capture all of that.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sale Gem: Zara Blazer

Jewlery-Folkster, H&M and Alex&Ani

This outfit is a mix of a couple of sale gems and new favorites. I picked up this Zara blazer back in the January sales for €60 marked down from €90. My love for Zara outerwear never seems to end, I have to actively resist from buying a new jacket whenever I drop in. I had wanted leather converse for ages, but didn't want to splurge on a €70 pair, so I was delighted when I found this pair for €45 in the Bank closing down sale. They're my everyday work shoes but are holding up so much better than the normal canvas pairs that I have destroyed in the past. I literally wore a white canvas pair so much that they're now brown. Everything else is from Bershka, one of my favorite stores at the moment, full of gorgeous pieces with a summery vibe and a very reasonable price tag. Due to my current obsession with Instagram and the amazing selection of stylish boho accounts, I've been inspired to stack up my jewelry lately. My jewelry collection is a mishmash of high street pieces, thoughtful gifts and family pieces passed down to me. My gold bangles are gifts from my boyfriend from Alex and Ani, the large gold bangle was a birthday gift from my mammy from Folkster and the gold necklace (that looks like the golden snitch) I picked up in H&M in York. I like that wearing jewelry is like surrounding yourself with special gifts and memories and people. They can bring back thoughts of birthday celebrations or travels or be symbols that inspire and motivate. I have jewelry close to my heart that belonged to my late granny, others that belonged to my mammy, someday in the future maybe someone will cherish jewelry that belonged to me.

Do you have jewelry that is special to you?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

March Favorites

My favorites post is a little early this month, but it's definitely an improvement on my forgetting to do it last month! The theme of my March favorites is very bright, pink and girly, a reflection of how much I'm loving the brighter, sunny weather we're starting to have. March has been a very busy, productive month. There's been lots of work and a return to fitting in regular workouts. Also come spring and summer I get to spend alot of my working week outdoors, which is always welcome when the sun is out even if it's still cold. So basically I'm feeling some love for March right now! Anyway on to my favorites for March; there's a mix of beauty and books this month. I've been spending alot less time looking at the Daily Mail side bar of shame and instead reading more books. My bf treated me to Tanya Burr's book Love Tanya for Valentines, it's such a pretty coffee table book. The book chronicles Tanya's story and where her blog all started, mixed in with beauty and hair tips alongside recipes. A very different book I recently added to my bookshelf and am right in the middle of reading is Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. Following the death of her beloved mother Cheryl Strayed spent three moths hiking the 1,100 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. It's a beautiful, heartbreaking, inspiring and emotional story. I will definitely review this must read once I completely finish it. When I'm getting all zen, reading a book in my PJs, I need to have a candle burning obviously. My mammy is obsessed with Max Benjamin candles and they scent practically every room in our home. The 3 Floral Favorites Candle Set is gorgeous, my favorite being White Pomegranate. Max Benjamin candles are the perfect present, I buy my mammy different scents for every birthday/Christmas/Mother's day and she's always thrilled with them. 

When it came to beauty products this month, my favorite products are distinctly springy. Despite the bright pastel shades of the Ciaté minis I like to decorate my nails with, they're actually from the Ciaté Advent Calender I blogged about here. It was such a bargain in TKMaxx, technically I bought it for my sister but she doesn't mind me borrowing a few! When your nails are decked out in pretty shades the cheeks need to step up their game too. Smashbox is up there on my list of favorite makeup brands ever alongside Bareminerals, I would buy everything from these brands if I had the money (alot of money). Their Halo Long Wear Blush is no exception. I've used Blissful which is a berry shade and Peachy Dream which is coral. These blushes are stunning and really pigmented, you just turn the wheel and take a small amount of blush as you really don't need much. It's always great for the wallet when a little goes a long way.

What are you favorites this month?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Weekend: Tree buying & Dog Walking

I constantly take pictures. All day everyday. I take pictures with my camera. I take pictures with my phone. I take pictures of my food, my outfit, my favorite things, my favorite people, my favorite places. I try to capture my memories, everything that makes me happy. Even though moments are fleeting, I try to capture their essence in a photo that I can look back on when I need a smile or a little inspiration. This blog is my visual scrapbook of memories, there's times when I've gone off blogging and taken long long breaks from it, but I always come back to it eventually, because I love that it gives me a free creative platform. This collection of pictures from my weekend definitely encapsulates some of my favorite things; nature, the outdoors and my home. This weekend I jumped in the car with my parents to go tree shopping at Cappagh Nurseries in Aughrim in Wicklow. Ever since I was little I've being going on excursions with my parents all over Ireland and further, it instilled in me my great love for nature and art. I've countless amazing memories of visiting forests, beeches, caves, art galleries and museums as a child. So even though I'm in my 20's I will still happily tag along with them wherever their going. After a weekend full of fresh air and running around, it's time for a Sunday night on the couch reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and Mother's Day today.

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