Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What's In My Bag: New Handbag Edition

My lovely sister got me a very generous River Island voucher for my birthday as I love their handbags and always buy mine there. Normally I go for large slouchy black handbags, that I can throw everything under the sun into and never have to empty. This time I went for a very different choice, with a structured leather look satchel bag. It's so cute and although it fits plenty it's neat look makes me want to keep it neat inside too. The bag was €45 so I had enough left over on my voucher to get a matching purse too (€22).  Instead of just sharing new bag I thought I'd do a what's in my bag post. I love these kind of posts, like home tour posts, it's fun to be a little nosy. As it's a new bag I currently only have what I actually need in it so I didn't need to hide loads of wrappers and receipts for a change.

Hair Care: I always always have my Tangle Teaser (€15.99 in Boots) in my bag, I truly don't know how I managed my unruly hair before I had one of these, it's a knotty hair girls essential. After my hair is tangle free I keep a cute bow hair tie from Peaches & Cream to throw my hair up out of my face. 

Beauty: I normally don't wear makeup for work, but if I do it's a simple look with just 3 products that fit easily into my bag: Smashbox BB cream (€34 in Boots), a dab of cream blusher robbed from my sister) and some mascara (this one is from No7). This BB cream is amazing, I find the coverage good while still looking very natural, it feels lightweight and has SPF 35 which is always a bonus. Perfume is important to have in my bag because I like to smell nice even after a long day, at the moment I have a sample of Jimmy Choo Blossom (much handier than dragging around a full bottle). 

Stationary: As I'm still in college I often need something for taking notes and this glittery notebook from Primark (€2.50) is so much cuter than a plain old refill pad. The pink pen I picked up in Tiger for a euro. Lastly and not at all stationary related is my phone with my amazing chocolate bar cover (€2) from Tiger, 

So that's what I drag around in my bag on a daily basis, if you've done one of these posts let me know I love reading them!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Penguin Jumper

Jumper-River Island
Skirt-My sister's
Boots-River Island
Bag & Fluffy Keyring- River Island

Things have been quiet lately due to a mixture of workload and a cold so blogging content hasn't really piled up this month. We decided to get out of the house and go for my favorite fast food fix at Eddie Rockets. When you queue up outside during busy periods they hand out menus to keep you occupied, I never need to flip through the options though. I always always get the same thing; Classic burger with no dill pickle and fries. If I'm feeling abit adventurous I switch my Coke for a Fanta, crazy stuff. There is loads of nice stuff in Eddie Rockets but I'm just addicted to the classic burger sauce so I won't branch out. My outfit for wolfing down my favorite burger is a normal work day outfit for me. Clearly the dress code is non existent, I just wear whatever matches my mood that morning. I brightened up my almost all black attire with a very cute penguin jumper my boyfriend got my from River Island. How can you not be happy when you have a glittery penguin to look at all day? 


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valetine's Day

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's, whether you were treating someone, being spoiled by someone or spoiling yourself. I personally like Valentine's even though it's a bit made up and a money scam, but I enjoy any excuse to celebrate and do something special. I had a really nice Valentine's weekend despite being mainly stuck in bed with a cold which isn't actually all that bad when you have chocolate. My boyfriend surprised me with pink roses, chocolate and something nice to drink, I ambitiously decided to bake him The Londoner's famous slutty brownies, despite being notoriously bad in the kitchen. I managed to walk head first into the extractor fan, clearly because I spent no time near it. Cleverly I hedged my bets in case I completely failed and bought him some S'more Pop Tarts as a back up present. Luckily the brownies turned out to be delicious and so easy to make, definitely give them a try if you haven't already. Between the Pop Tarts, Lindt chocolates and brownies we were in sugar heaven. We may have kept the Valentine's spirit going into this week, why stop a good thing?! A dinner out to avoid food shopping and dish washing, brightened up Monday. I had deep fried brie followed by chicken sizzlers and he had chicken wings with fillet steak and pepper sauce. One extra surprise was waiting for me when I came home from work today, my boyfriend treated me to Tanya Burr's new book Love Tanya, so now I'm cuddled up with a hotwater bottle starting my new read. Never let the presents and chocolate end I say, chocolate is for life not just for Valentine's Day.  

Did you celebrate Valentines?

Monday, February 9, 2015

January Favorites

It's already February and nearly time for Valentine's day. I haven't had a chance to do any outfit pictures yet this month as I'm a little under the weather, so I thought it was the perfect time to do a monthly favorites instead. My favorites for the first month of the year, had little to do with beauty products and more to do with sales bargains and making my home cozy. The single beauty related item is this St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse, which I loved. It was my first time using it and I'm no fake tan expert, but I found it really easy to apply without streaking, it wasn't sticky and it didn't leave a strong tan smell. It's colored so it's easy to make sure you don't miss any patches when applying and it lasts for several days. I put it on the night before I wanted to use it as it does develop more over time, I showered the next morning but one coat of the medium tan was still perfect for me. I bought mine in my local chemist but I'm pretty sure it's available in Boots and Primark too. 
Next up are my sales bargains, I've wanted white leather Converse for ages as my cloth pair are more brown than white at this stage. They are quite a bit pricier at around €70 but I came across a pair marked down to €45 in the Bank closing down sale and had to get them. I wear Converse constantly to work so I'm hoping these will hold up a little better. One of my favorite shops for getting bargains or just simply wasting my money is TKMaxx. I got this Steve Madden overnight bag for €45, it's really roomy and has the prettiest lining and detailing. It's perfect for throwing my stuff in for going home to visit for a few days, heading to the gym or travelling. 
As the weather is pretty miserable at the moment, there's nothing nicer than curling up at home by the fire with hot chocolate and Pretty Little Liars, so I've treated myself to a couple of pretty home accessories lately. The Sleep candle in lavender and jasmine was €8.50 from Tesco and smells so so good,  I also picked up the Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful cushion from Tesco for €11. With my home all cozy I obviously need a good book to read. My boyfriend bought me Yes Please by Amy Poehler for my birthday because I love Parks and Recreations, it's an hilarious and honest mix of stories, photographs and advice. My favorite being "Good for you, not for me", basically do your own thing and let other people do theirs, definitely something to live by. 
My last few favorites of January are the beautiful pieces of jewelry my Mammy got me for my birthday in Folskter's Kilkenny store. I've been wearing the bracelet almost everyday since I got it, stacked up with Alex and Ani bangles. The color of the stones are gorgeous I just pair it with everything.       
What were your January favorites?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Birthday Girl

Another year older and a few little celebrations to mark the occasion. It wouldn't be my birthday without a chocolate cake, or two! I celebrated my birthday eating lots of takeaway and cake, going shopping and for tea with my mum, having my little sister and her adorable puppy to visit and lastly enjoying a few cocktails. I love any kind of celebration/holiday/anniversary, I just love celebrating really, any excuse to have fun. For drinks in Dublin I wore a new Bershka blouse and River Island leather look leggings, dressed up with a gold Zara headpiece and Folkster bangle. The great thing about this Zara headband is that you can do nothing at all with your hair and it still looks like you made an effort. I broke in my Smashbox Full Exposure palette for my makeup, thanks to this palette and my sisters instructions I have graduated from just doing eyeliner with a hint of blending. 

It was another great birthday, they do come around crazily fast though. Being in college for a prolonged time, having undertaken a postgrad after my degree it kind of freezes time in a way as your surrounded by the same place and college students for so long. It's going to be very strange to finish after a combined 8 years in college, starting at 18 and finishing at 26. There's still plenty to do yet before I finish next year, a whole thesis to write in fact, I wonder how different my 27 birthday will be leaving my studying days behind!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Favorite Gigs of 2014

Slayer @The Academy

Soulfly @Whelans

The Frames @ Whelans

Music is one of my boyfriends greatest passions, his musical taste is varied and his brain is packed with knowledge. Listening to music, discussing it with him or watching him play is a constant learning experience. I'm forever hearing new songs, bands and back stories, he's like my own musical encyclopedia. My favorite part of all is going to concerts and gigs with him, apart from robbing all his concerts tshirts of course. All the photos in this post are taken by his talented eye. There is something unforgettable about a great gig; the energy is unbeatable, the adrenaline that pumps through the crowd just before it begins is insane. In 2014 I had the chance to go to some amazing gigs; Slayer at the Academy, Soulfy at Whelans and The Frames at Whelans. Both venues give an intimate feel but can still cram in enough people to leave your deafened from the crowd. 

Seeing Slayer in July was a standout for me, I've been to many concerts that are out of my comfort zone but I was pushed far beyond at this. I naively agreed to stand right at the barrier without really thinking what that might be like. When the lights went down and the crowd grew impatient for Slayer to take the stage, I realized what I had signed up for. Thousands of fans surged forward chanting and I could literally feel the music vibrating in my chest. We couldn't have gotten closer to the stage, it was virtually an arms stretch and clearly a coveted spot as people jostled to get to the front. Towards the end we gave in and headed upstairs to watch the carnage below. The atmosphere was just surreal, I loved every minute of it, although not as much the ringing in my ears and throbbing in my arms the next day. 

Next up that same month was Soulfly at Whelans. My boyfriend rang me up in work to say he had won tickets off MCD productions on twitter to see Soulfy. So after a quick raid of his Tshirt selection,  myself and a friend tagged along to see a band we had never heard before looking them up on Youtube that day. After a little photo op beside the tour bus parked right outside, it was time for a drink in Whelans where the sound check pounded through the wall. This time I watched from the safety of the balcony, in awe of the pits, crowd surfing, moshing and abundance of topless men (My boyfriend suggested I write 'throngs of sweaty men', but that seemed a little 50 shades of metal). I left with major hair envy from Max Cavalera's dreads. A very different gig to Slayer, more intimate which may have been due to the smaller venue, but also attributed a little to how much they engage with the crowd.

On the 30th of June we went to a one off gig by the Frames for Whelan's year long 25th Anniversary celebration. A very generous friend of my boyfriend invited us that morning, which was incredible as these highly coveted tickets sold out in a matter of minutes, there was just 450 tickets in total. Unbelievably after gushing about Whelan's support and their importance to the band, Glen Hansard announced that everyone's drinks for the rest of the night are on him. The poor bar staff... The Frames played for over 3 hours, it was obviously a striking contrast musically to the previous two I wrote about but I love getting to have such varied experiences. This was the most personal gig I have ever been to; it was a perfect one off night, beautiful music and free drink for all.       

Don't let this post deceive you though, you'll still find Taylor Swift blaring in my car virtually every day of the week. 

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